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Cherry Aroma Flavour


What does this mean?


Aroma reminiscent of delicious plump black cherries.


This is a colourless to pale yellow/green liquid, composed of a blend of natural and nature-identical ingredients in propylene glycol. It gives a typical cherry aroma and flavour.

This Aroma adds a subtle fragrance and flavour to your lip balms, may also be used to fragrance creams, lotions, shampoos, hair conditioners, and body washes etc.


Please check the IFRA limits for Cherry Aroma Flavour for each category as there are differences according to the type of product and its intended use. Some may say a much higher usage limit but this will give your product an overpowering aroma as these Aroma Flavours are concentrated.

We suggest you use up to 0.3% in your lip balm recipes, up to 3% in rinse off products such as shampoos, hair conditioners and body washes and up to 2% in hand and body creams, lotions and other leave on products, except deodorants which is restricted to 0.33%.  

Avoid undiluted contact with the skin. Cherry Aroma Flavour contains Benzyl benzoate.

Add to lip balms when the mix is cooling. The mix must be fluid to incorporate the Aroma Flavour thoroughly, but avoid extended heat or high heat. In hand and body creams and lotions, add in Stage 3 (below 40°C). In shampoos, hair conditioners, body washes and shower gels, add when the product is below 40°C. Add to ready-made products at room temperature.


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