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Introducing Activated Charcoal, the detox hero your skin will 🖤! 100% plant origin activated charcoal with exceptional purifying and detoxifying properties, produced from coconuts that are harvested in a cruelty-free way (no monkeys involved here!)

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Activated Charcoal

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A completely natural product, popular for use in a wide range of cosmetic products from shampoos and soaps to cleansing face masks. It pulls impurities away from the face like a magnet helping to maintain clear, healthy skin.


Your new secret weapon in fighting off impurities

Excellent for cleansing the pores of accumulated sebum, grease, environmental pollutants, chemical residues from makeup and toxins excreted by the skin due to its amazing adsorption properties (it acts like a magnet for the “dirt” in your pores). This can help to reduce the size of your pores. Ideal to use in cleansing masks for acne prone skin, teenage skin and as a weekly facial cleanse for all skin types as it has antimicrobial properties. 

What is it?

Where does it come from?

Our Activated Charcoal is produced from coconut shells that have been burned into charcoal and then exposed to superheated steam which gives it a sponge like texture. It is then cooled down and milled to a fine powder (5 to 10 microns particle size). No chemical processing is involved in this natural product. This is also categorised as a pharmaceutical grade which is testament to the quality and purity of the product. 


Try these effective natural products!

Click the "Recipes" tab on the product page to view 2 exclusive recipes using Activated Charcoal including:

Detoxifying Shampoo Bar (using new SCI Solid Surfactant)
Face Mask For Sensitive Skin

To read more about Activated Charcoal and how to use itclick here to view it in our online store.

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