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Olive Oil (Organic)

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A classic oil for dry, chapped skin on elbows, knees, hands & feet - used in hand creams, it offers skin nourishing, softening & protective qualities.

Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is certified Organic. A fatty to half-fatty oil. Keeps for 3-4 years.


Olea Europaea Fruit Oil
Good for mature or dry skin. Blend it with thistle or sunflower if it feels too fatty. An important constituent of olive oil is Squalane, which is absorbed quickly by the skin. It is well proven that squalane increases the spreadability of vegetable oils and fats on the skin. The substance squalene is also found in the livers of sharks that are found in deep ocean waters and studies have shown that it keeps the oils in the liver in a liquid state down to a temperature of -38°C. Olive-oil derived squalane helps to regulate sebum and very closely resembles human sebum. For use as an emollient, squalane is a traditional, natural alternative to using silicone emollients, which is an often-used chemical in products for its non-fatty skin-softening properties.

It is a classic oil for dry, chapped skin on elbows, knees, hands and feet. Used in hand creams, olive oil offers nourishing, softening and excellent protection from weather and water.

It offers excellent lubrication and a soft, smooth feeling on the skin.

Olive oil’s nourishing, softening and protecting properties are well-known but it is also an anti-inflammatory and so very valuable to use in oil blends that treat skin irritations, damaged skin, and itchiness.
Hair Care
Olive oil is excellent for hair products treating dry hair and dry, damaged scalp or an irritated and sensitive scalp but for this purpose blend it with drier oils.

Skin Care
In products for Chapped Skin:

Blend olive oil with calendula and comfrey products; antioxidants such as vitamin E oil (undiluted, natural type); myrrh herbal tincture; and myrrh essential oil.

In Hand Creams:
Blend olive oil with jojoba oil.

In Massage Oil Blends:
Blend olive oil with more neutral oils such as jojoba, high oleic content sunflower, grape seed,castor and non-organic thistle oils.

Hair Oils:
Blend olive oil with drier oils such as thistle (refined), jojoba or grape seed oils as examples.

To neutralise its overpowering smell:
The problem can be that it has quite an overpowering smell, so remember to blend olive oil with more neutral smelling, drier oils such as thistle (refined), jojoba or grape seed oils as examples.
Vegan Tattoo Balm

Stage 1 (heat until melted):
15% Rice Bran Wax
20% Shea Butter
20% Mango Butter
20% Coconut Butter
19% Olive Oil

S​tage 2 (40-50°C):
2.75% Vitamin E
2% Rice Bran CO2 Extract
0.25% Rosemary Antioxidant
1% Green Mandarin Essential Oil
Total 100%

Heat all the stage 1 ingredients in a double boiler. Stir and melt fully. Take the balm off the heat and mix the balm until it has cooled to approximately 40-50°C. Stir in the remaining heat sensitive ingredients like tinctures, macerated oils or essential oils. Do not use a cold water bath. Pour into jars and leave to cool before sealing and labelling.

Vegan tattoo balm 

Body and Massage Oil for dry, mature, sensitive skin

30ml Olive Oil
30ml Apricot Kernel Oil
20ml Thistle Oil
10ml Jojoba Oil
5ml Borage Oil
4ml/g Vitamin E
5 drops Rosemary Antioxidant (CO2 Extract)
Up to 0.5% Essential Oils* (Optional)

Olive Baby Oil

34ml Olive Oil
33ml Apricot Kernel Oil
30ml Rosehip Oil
2ml/g Vitamin E Oil
4-8 drops Essential Oil* (optional)

*Seek professional advice
NOTE: For further recipes please refer to Kolbjorn’s book
The Aromantic Guide to Unlocking the Powerful Health & Rejuvenation Benefits of Vegetable Oils.

These recipes are given in good faith and are intended for educational purposes only. They have not been evaluated or tested in any way and Aromantic Ltd. makes no claim as to their effectiveness. It is up to the reader to ensure that any products they produce from these recipes are safe to use, and if relevant, compliant under current cosmetic regulations.
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