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Peel Off Beauty Face Mask and Body Wrap

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First class mask and body wrap from France is perfect for use in your salon or at home leaves the skin feeling soft and supple! 

This is a fragrance-free and white powder, which, when added to liquid, quickly forms a peelable cohesive gel, which makes it easy to remove after treatment.


Solum Diatomeae, Calcium Sulfate, Sodium Phosphate, Algin
The base is made from natural alginates which gives the product a soft and elastic feeling and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.

The alginates are blended with mild mineral salts, which helps to form the cohesive gel. It is a neutral face mask and body wrap, to which you can add other active raw materials to tailor-make treatments. 
To add other ingredients, simply replace some of the water with other liquids such as Essential Oils, Hydrolates, NFF Moisturiser, Squalane, Vitamin E Oil, Vegetable Oils, etc. Delivered with full instructions for use. 


1.    Blend 25g of powder with 75ml of lukewarm water for approximately 1 minute until a soft paste has been created 
2.    Apply the mask immediately in a thick layer on cleansed skin avoiding the eye area and close to the hairline. Work fast and try not to lay the mask in more than one layer on the skin. 
3.    Let the mask work for at least 10 minutes (the mask dries after approx. 6 minutes). Peel off the mask by loosening it around the edges and carefully peeling it away. It loosens easily. Rub away any left over edges and rinse off the face. Afterwards, apply your normal skin care product, such as cream. 


You need to have two people when making a body wrap. A body wrap is done in different stages on the body. This mix is enough for half the front and back of the body. It is suitable to wrap one side at a time, this means you need to make 2 - 3 mixes to cover half the body. 

1.    Blend 100g of powder with 300ml of lukewarm water (18 - 20°C). 
2.    Blend thoroughly for 1 minute till a soft paste is created. 
3.    Apply the body wrap straight onto cleansed skin in a thick layer. Work fast. A spatula will help you spread the wrap more easily. 
4.    Make another mix and continue until the part of the body is covered. 
5.    Let the body wrap work for 15 minutes (it dries after 6 minutes). 
6.    Loosen off the edges and carefully peel off the wrap. It slips easily away. Rub away the left over edges and carefully remove them. Rinse off and apply your normal skin care product such as a lotion. 
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