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St. John's Wort Petals and Leaves (Organic) image
St. John's Wort Petals and Leaves (Organic) on sale
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St. John's Wort Petals and Leaves (Organic)

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Dried St. John's wort petals & leaves used for their skin soothing and calming effects in natural skin/hair care products.

50% off!

Best before date of end of September 2019. If you are viewing this page in our Dried Herbs category and not on our Short Dated Deals page click here to read about why shorter dates don't mean the product isn't as good as new and they can be a great bargain!

Petals and leaves


Hypericum perforatum
St. John's Wort soothes irritations of the skin with generally beneficial effects as the herb has calming properties

While St. John's Wort is soothing to the skin, it also makes the skin photosensitive so the skin should not be exposed to sunlight after St. John's Wort has been applied externally, such as in a Cream, Ointment or Macerated Oil
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