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Pearlescent Blue

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Use this Pearlescent Blue to add a little shimmer & glitter to Mineral Make-up, Lip Sticks, Balms & Glosses, Creams, Solid Soap & Fizzy Bath Bombs
Note: when sold out this product will be discontinued.

75% off!

Best before date of end of February 2020. If you are viewing this page in our Pearlescent Colours category and not on our Short Dated Deals page click here to read about why shorter dates don't mean the product isn't as good as new and they can be a great bargain!

Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Berlin Blue - good for eyeshadow


Mica, CI77891, CI 77510
A natural, safe and non-toxic pearlescent colour that produces a beautiful shimmering and glittering effect and is ideal for colouring Mineral Make-up, Make-up products, Lipsticks and Creams.

Also works well for Solid Soap and Fizzy Bath Bombs. Can be used for Liquid Soap but, as with all powdered pigments, the colour will sink to the bottom if the consistency is not thick enough. It won’t however, stick to bath surfaces. 
When used in Solid Soaps they produce a lovely, semi-transparent effect. The Pearlescent Pigments consist of Mica, which is blended either with Titanium Dioxide or Iron Dioxide. To use in Liquid Products or Creams, add the Pearlescent Colour to 1-2 tbsps of Glycerine and mix well to form a paste; then add the paste to the ready-made Liquid Product. 

To use in Solid Soaps, use the same method but add the paste while the soap is still liquid.

NB Aromantic's Pearlescent Colours are natural and inorganic that have gone through high temperature bonding processes. Although they are pearlescent in effect, they are not derived from mussels or pearl and are totally vegan!

These Pearlescent Colours can easily keep without fading for 7 years in an airtight container; just don’t store them in direct sunlight. They’re best stored in a dry and dark place
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