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(EX. VAT) 100 ml £3.77
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Chamomile Water (Organic)

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A genuine hydrolate produced naturally as a by-product of essential oil distillation - great for skin, sun & baby care due to its calming properties 

Hydrolate from organic chamomile flowers


Antemis nobilis Flower Water
Chamomile is wonderful for Skin and Baby Care due to its calming properties. Also works well for Sunburn products and can help to relieve itching. NB Because of its strength, never use more than a maximum of 10% concentration in products for around the eyes. 
Toner for Problem Skin

Stage 1: (room temperature)

69% Orange Flower Water
10% Chamomile Water
10% Witch Hazel Glycerol Extract
5% Aloe Vera Concentrate
3% Vitamin B3
2% Cosmetic Prebiotic
1% Preservative Eco Plus
100% Total

Dissolve the Vitamin B3 in the Orange Flower Water, then combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly. Bottle and label. Shake before use.

Toner for problem Skin
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