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Calendula Tincture (Organic)

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Used in natural skin and hair care products for all types of skin. 

Dried whole flowers and petals are used. Same as Marigold flowers.  Calendula is one of the best known and versatile herbs and is rich in herbal history, widely used by herbalists throughout the centuries. Calendula is believed to have originated in or near the Mediterranean and is now naturalised all over the world. The herb is also known as common Marigold or ‘pot Marigold’ because the dried flowers were traditionally used in soups and stews.


Aqua, Ethanol, Calendula Officinalis
The Calendula Tincture has an astringent effect on skin problems.
Strengthens skin tissue
Tones the scalp
Makes hair soft and shiny
Which products to use it in
Used for all skin types and conditions, including sensitive skin and for babies
Calendula is good to use in all cases where cell regeneration is required such as in cases of sunburn, sores, where skin has been removed and also where the skin is red and irritated. Also works well as a regular wash for spots, acne and boils

Caution: If you are going to use a Calendula Compress, never leave it on the affected area for more than 1 hour as some people may have an allergic reaction to it if left on for a longer period of time.
For Mouth Wash, use a strong Infusion or up to 10% Calendula Tincture diluted in water or other ingredients

Water or oil-soluble?
Water soluble

Can I add it to ready-made products?
You can add it to all ready made products, like creams, lotions and shampoos but beware that all of them become thinner when you add an alcohol based product to a product based on emulsifiers, detergents and gels

Recommended Dosage/How to use in products
Deodorant sprays you can use up to 80% as a blend of tinctures
In toners and face spritzers for oily skin use up to 30% as a possible blend of tinctures
Toners for other skin types use up to 20% as a possible blend of tinctures

Tips/Extra Information
Calendula Tips: In Skin Care products it is a good idea to use the Botanical CO2 Extract and the Tincture or Infusion or so as to gain the benefits of both the fat-soluble (Essential Oil, carotene and resin) and the water-soluble (viscous and saponins) constituents of the plant. The combined action of these constituents produces better results.
Genuine Essential Oil of Marigold is not available and what is mistakenly sold as Oil of Marigold is in fact made from Tagetes (African Marigold).
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