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Rosemary Leaves (Organic)

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Dried rosemary leaves used for their fragrant, toning, astringent, refreshing & good multi-purpose effects in natural skin/hair care products

The parts used are the leaves


Rosmarinus officinalis
In skin care it is considered to help restore elasticity to the skin, Rosemary is also effective for lifeless and oily skin, for blackheads and spots (antibacterial).

It has long been used in shampoos and traditional hair lotions to promote hair growth and to prevent premature baldness by increasing the circulation in the scalp, thus improving nourishment to the hair follicles. It is used in hair care products to counteract dandruff, hair loss, and for oily hair
An Infusion can also be used as an invigorating Skin Toner and astringent
Rosemary added to a bath strengthens and refreshes
Use an infusion as a hair rinse to lighten blonde hair, and to condition and tone all hair.

Rosemary is also used in toothpastes, mouth washes and gargles 

Make a refreshing, antibacterial mouth wash by adding 5-10% Myrrh Tincture to a strong Infusion of Rosemary.

Which products to use it in
A strong infusion is used in creams, lotions, gels, baths, shampoos, hair packs, hair rinses, hair lotions and conditioners
Toothpastes, mouth washes and gargles.

Water or oil-soluble?
Water soluble

Can I add it to ready-made products?
Not appropriate

Storage and Shelf Life
2-3 years. Store in the dark and keep dry

Related/Synergistic Products
In dandruff products combine with Nettle herb and Tea Tree essential oil. You could add Rosemary Hydrolate or Rosemary essential oils to add a nice smell to these products

For hair loss products combine with Bio-energiser
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