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Exfoliant Cupuacu (Organic) image
Exfoliant Cupuacu (Organic) on sale
WAS:  (EX. VAT) 25 g £4.57
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Exfoliant Cupuacu (Organic)

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Organic exfoliant sustainably harvested from South American rainforest - gentle enough to use very day.

75% off!

Best before date of end of September 2019. If you are viewing this page in our Exfoliating & Peeling Agents category and not on our Short Dated Deals page click here to read about why shorter dates don't mean the product isn't as good as new and they can be a great bargain!

Organic. From the seeds of the Cupuacu tree, harvested in a sustainable development managed within the South American Rainforest. 


Theobroma grandiflorum seed powder
Can be used in organic products. Has a faint smell of chocolate as the tree is related to Cacao. 

These fine bio-scrub particles provide a stimulating, yet gentle scrub action with low abrasion on the skin. 
Add to Exfoliating Creams, Shower Gels, Liquid and Solid Soaps, Cleansers, Exfoliants and Peelers. Can be applied to face and body daily. Dosage: 2-10%.
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