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natural exfoliating & peeling agents

Natural Exfoliating & Peeling Agents

These are completely natural ingredients for gentle or more thorough exfoliating, which you can add to your home-made as well as shop-bought products such as creams, gels and shower gels, etc. You can make the most amazing products by stirring in our rose or blue jojoba exfoliating grains into your products. These grains not only gently exfoliate your facial skin, but they add a beautiful colour to creams or dull-coloured gels. Put your coloured exfoliating products into clear jars or clear plastic PET bottles to attract the attention of existing customers!

Stir the exfoliating agent gently into your product with a clean, dry teaspoon, adding a little at a time until you are happy with the texture. The next time you’ll know how much to put in and you can gently stir the pre-measured exfoliator into your product/s.

We also have natural peeling agents such as AHA natural fruit extract, lactic acid and detergents such as beta and sugar. These ingredients are for making gentle peeling products.

Our Starter Pack, Cleansers, Exfoliants & Peelers has step-by-step recipes and ingredients you need to make up to 2 litres of these products.

Apricot Kernel Powder

Apricot Kernel Powder image
Price £4.67

AHA Natural Fruit Extract

AHA Natural Fruit Extract image
AHA Natural Fruit Extract on sale
WAS: £4.97 | NOW: £4.22

Bamboo Exfoliant

Bamboo Exfoliant image
Price £4.37

Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt image
Price £3.59

Exfoliant Cupuacu (Organic)

Exfoliant Cupuacu (Organic) image
Price £4.57

Himalayan Pink Salt (Fine Grade)

Himalayan Pink Salt (Fine Grade) image
Price £3.79

Jojoba Exfoliating Grains (White)

Jojoba Exfoliating Grains (White) image
Price £6.27

Pumice Powder

Pumice Powder image
Price £3.77