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natural cosmetics making equipment

Natural Cosmetic & Skin Care Making Equipment

Aromantic offer a great quality, value-for-money range appropriate to the needs of small-scale cosmetics producers or those who enjoy making their own products at home. 

All the fundamental Laboratory Equipment you need - making your own natural cosmetics and skin, hair & body care products is even easier with our range! 
All our glass and plasticware are dishwasher-safe, except for the Thermometers.

Mikrocount Combi

Mikrocount Combi image
Price £4.37

Scraper, Rubber

Scraper, Rubber image
Price £6.59

Smelling Strips Pack (60 strips)

Smelling Strips Pack (60 strips) image
Price £5.39

Stirring Rod, Glass, Short

Stirring Rod, Glass, Short image
Price £3.29

Stirring Rod, Glass, Long

Stirring Rod, Glass, Long image
Price £5.39

Starter Pack: Equipment

Starter Pack: Equipment image
Price £29.99

Syringe (10 ml)

Syringe (10 ml) image
Price £5.99


Thermometer image
Price £6.99

Thermometer (Short 215mm) for temp -10 to +110 deg C

Thermometer (Short 215mm) for temp -10 to +110 deg C image
Price £3.99

Tongs, Plastic

Tongs, Plastic image
Price £7.19

Transparent Labels, Large

Transparent Labels, Large image
Price £8.99

Transparent Labels, small

Transparent Labels, small image
Price £7.99

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