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Yellow Clay, Fine image
Yellow Clay, Fine on sale
WAS:  (EX. VAT) 100 g £3.39
Price: (inc. VAT) £4.07

NOW: (EX. VAT) 100 g £0.85
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Yellow Clay, Fine

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Make face masks, body packs, or mix with water or herbal infusions & add to creams, bath & hair products, etc. - suitable for normal/oily skin.
Note: when sold out this product will be discontinued.

75% off!

Best before date of end of January 2019. If you are viewing this page in our Spa, Face Masks & Clays Category and not on our Short Dated Deals page
click here to read about why shorter dates don't mean the product isn't as good as new and they can be a great bargain!

100 percent sun dried clay


Yellow Clay is mostly used for normal and oily skin. 
Not for internal use for humans or animals. Note: This is a natural product with its own natural colour - please be careful when using it as it can temporarily stain your skin and permanently stain fabrics, carpets, etc. 
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