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Aroma Flavours

We are delighted to offer this exciting range of Aromas for you to use in your personal care products. They smell wonderful in creams, lotions, and shampoos, and they leave a pleasant and subtle taste on the lips when added into lip balms. Use up to 1% in hand and body creams and lotions, up to 2% in lip balm recipes, and from 1 - 3% in rinse off products such as shampoos, hair conditioners and body washes. Please see individual website listings for each Aroma to find appropriate usage recommendations. Please note that they are NOT suitable for use in bar soap or candles.

Cherry Aroma Flavour

Cherry Aroma Flavour image
Price £4.07

Chocolate Aroma Flavour

Chocolate Aroma Flavour image
Price £4.67

Coconut Aroma Flavour

Coconut Aroma Flavour image
Price £4.77

Strawberry Aroma Flavour

Strawberry Aroma Flavour image
Price £4.07

Vanilla Aroma Flavour

Vanilla Aroma Flavour image
Price £4.27