Kolbjorn is the winner of the very first

CAM Outstanding Achievement Award

Kolbjorn is the winner of the very first

CAM Outstanding Achievement Award

First of all, thank you to everyone who voted for Kolbjorn. Your joint efforts meant that he won the very first CAM Outstanding Achievement Award! We’re very proud of him and very touched by the support you’ve given him Camexpo describes the Award as “The ultimate recognition that can be bestowed on an individual who has made a truly outstanding contribution to the Complementary and Natural Therapy Industry.”

This is what Kolbjorn had to say about it:

Dear Friends and customers
I am very humbled and touched by this unexpected award and all the e-mails Susan forwarded to me after the show. It came as a big surprise that I was nominated for this award - in fact I didn’t even know about its existence! When Zoe from camexpo told me that the number of votes for the award was overwhelmingly in my favour, I was very surprised and touched. So THANK YOU ALL OF YOU who felt I inspired you in this field and so voted for me. I feel I am so privileged and blessed to have you all as my customers and friends. As it is very important which customers you have, I feel I have the best! Because I feel I have the right customers and that I feel so supported by you, my job becomes so much easier. It could be so difficult as our work is on the forefront of something new but because I feel your support and the fact that your work, in turn, will make such an impact on your customers, clients, families and friends, makes my work inspiring and worthwhile.I feel that you all joined me and are all part of this award. The same goes for my staff team, without whose hard work, support and dedication I couldn’t do my work or win any awards. That we all together are part of something good for a better world. I wish you all the best for the future and that I can continue to support and serve you with my knowledge and products.

With love from Kolbjorn

What you have said in support of Kolbjorn’s win...thank you folks!!
"Kolbjorn is an inspiration to the industry and promotes all aspects of his beliefs and knowledge, wisely, eloquently and patiently. He has inspired many people through his work and through his inspiration and guidance, I personally have been able to overcome many obstacles in the setting up of my organics business. He is a true alchemist of the modern age, and there is no finer man to consult in my knowledge who exists today who knows or holds Kolbjorn’s host of wisdom on all elements of the alchemic world. His teaching is invaluable and he is always on hand with no gain to himself, to serve others; worthy of an honour indeed after a lifetime commitment."

April Westley, Cupcake Organic Divine Skin Care
“Kolbjorn has given so much to us all that I think he deserves recognition for all his hard work. He has given the "Little Person" like me inspiration, to start a business that I never thought possible. I know that the raw materials I use I can trust. His ethics aresecond to none.
Thank you Kolbjorn for your continued support and inspiration.

“I really hope he wins. I know for a fact that I would never have been able to achieve anything without him and Aromantic. I'm now preparing to start my own halal skincare website and I'm so excited! So a huge pat on the back to ALL of you at Aromantic from me.”
Jannah Khan

“What a brilliant idea. I voted for Kolbjorn straight away. He truly is a very decent and very genuine guy. I am very inspired by him and by what he does. Just made 20 pots of lavender foot cream for an event in our town hall. Many thanks to you and your team.”

“Congratulations to Kolbjorn! All the best to his and all your future.”

“I was DELIGHTED to nominate Kolbjorn. From the very first day I attended a course run by him in London a couple of years ago now - it literally changed the way I look at natural products. I make ALL my own creams, body butters - soap bombs - you name it! as a direct result of my contact with Aromantic. Kolbjorn is a most worthy candidate and I added my own comments about how impressed I am with not only Kolbjorn but of all the wonderful products he offers via Aromantic. I do hope he wins - he is a very worthy candidate. Good luck to him!!! I ONLY use Aromantic preparations and have been very busy over the past months making gifts to give to friends and family at Christmas. I'm sure they will like them - I would be if someone made me handmade
gifts with such lovely natural creams and pure oils! Please let me know how the voting goes!
Best wishes to you all at Aromantic!”
Jenny Oram-Weaver

“Without Kolbjorn I'd never have had the courage to try all the blending, making and producing of natural products I now do successfully!”
Thanks, Heidi

“I only just got your e-mail, because I have been away, and now I find it's too late to join in the support for your nomination of Kolbjorn ! But yes ! He has really inspired me and opened up so much for me..... I am a pharmacist and have worked in natural medicines for over 25 years, but I have learned SO much from Kolbjorn - especially his outstanding work with oils. I am also so very impressed with the service that Aromantic provides to many people who 'want to have a go' and how he supports so many people to start something new and fulfil their wishes!
Good luck & I do hope he is successful.”

“I have nominated Kolbjorn and so I wish him the best of luck as he deserves an award”
Magna Aidoo

“I wrote something and voted. A pleasure to do :)”
Kryssie, Egypt

“I have the utmost respect for Mr. Kolbjorn's work, his standards to select the most innovative natural & organic raw materials, the risks that he his willing to make promote the great cause of healthy ingredients in the making of formulations, i.e. his effort to make the "CITROZINE" as an alternate natural, non-toxic preservative. I am grateful for his leadership and his transparency in dealing with this portfolio, as I can understand the risks and complications the company was exposed to, what a nightmare, it is has been. It is as if I could feel/read the vulnerability the organisation was going through. He demonstrated authenticity and his overall way of communicating and managing this situation, which lead to the realisation that vulnerability can be is a great leadership attribute. It has certainly contributed to my learnings. I am looking forward to meet Mr. Kolbjorn in the future and once again, I am interested in becoming an Aromantic's distributor in Canada, because I believe in what Aromantic has to offer/share in terms of teaching and distributing the best.”
Lucie Carle, ArômArgil-Botanik, Canada

“What a great idea. I would love to see Kolbjorn receive this award. I have added my nomination.”

“I never met Kolbjorn personally but he had been for me a constant light of inspiration during all these years that I had been working with Natural Cosmetics. I only spoke with on the phone for a couple of times, many years ago, but still his voice full of inspiration and motivation for me to start my own recipes and developments still resound in my ears. And through all his books, articles and exclusive selection of ingredients, definitely that for me he is my reliable guide. He deserves this award and more. Maybe one day I will be lucky to meet him. I don't know, I am in Spain and is not easy to move to Forres. But who knows, maybe one day it can happen. I will love it. Best regards,”
Maris Stella Zambrano, Spain

“Kolbjorn has made a huge difference to many, right down to the smallest snippet of information. He is forever tirelessly sharing information, researching the latest ingredient trends, providing workshops, access to ingredients and written information. Without Kolbjorn’s dedication many people would never have had the opportunity to make their own healthy cosmetics or grow their passion to become successful businesses. It is his inspiration that has helped many of us.
Keep up the good work, cheers from Australia.”
Sharon Elvin, Platypus Dreams, Australia.

“I am clearly seeing Kolbjorn up on the podium in all his loveliness!! He's gonna do it, yeah!!”
Shelagh B, Elgin

“I have submitted my nomination for Kolbjorn today. With Best wishes,”
Sipho Gift

“Kolbjorn has inspired me from the first time I met him on an exhibition in Olimpia more than 10 years ago, he sold me some raw materials and I started making some very basic products for myself
and to give away to my regular clients. Now I am thinking of using my new knowledge and skills for doing more in this direction. Thanks,”
Stella Velcheva

“I have placed my vote for Kolbjorn as I feel he deserves high recognition. However, I am merely a hobbyist and hope that I do not win the 20 tickets!!! Best wishes,“

“This is a wonderful idea! I will mention about how he inspired the rest of us who are not in the UK...I think they should know that his work is not just UK located. Thanks,”
Patricia, Spain

"I attended a course given by Kolbjorn Borseth in May this year to learn how to make cosmetics, using nature- and people-friendly raw materials. My level of enjoyment of my first class and the enthusiasm that pours out of Kolbjorn's every pore led me to take a further six courses. Not only can I make cosmetics but am in the process of starting my own business doing just this. Kolbjorn
has inspired me to change my career - owning my own small business as well as training to become an aromatherapist. Kolbjorn's excellent recipes have helped my family members with eczema so
I, like Kolbjorn, believe EVERY inch in what I produce and sell. I have witnessed others in his classes go from dabbling in MYO cosmetics part-time' to 'owning their own cosmetic empires'. A gifted, humble and truly inspirational leader of all those who,at first, dabble their toes in the water but are soon swimming new channels to reach the shores of their ambitions." I do hope that this helps Kolbjorn to win this award. He is such a special person and deserves it... and more. Kindest regards and thanks again,”

“Thanks for your email. I have put in my vote for Kolbjorn as I feel he deserves this award more than anyone I have known. If it wasn’t for him, I would not have gone far with my own company making beauty products. He definitely inspired me. This is what I have said of him: Kolbjorn is unselfish, down to earth and dedicated to empowering other people. Through his company Aromantic, Kolbjorn has helped thousands other people to build their own Complementary and Natural Therapy businesses. I was one of those people Kolbjorn has helped through his knowledge of the Industry. I think that there would be no other deserving individual to win this award other than Kolbjorn for his outstanding contributions to the Complementary and Natural Therapy Business”.
Wismah A. Hearnshaw, Zorai Ltd, UK