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DHA Natural Self Tanning Agent


What does this mean?

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A Natural Self-Tanning Agent


DHA is a natural substance derived from the bioconversion of glycerol extracted from Palm or Rapeseed Oil. DHA is also present in the human body.
As a consequence, the risk of an allergic response is very low.
The result of using DHA is a natural looking brown or golden hue to the skin, without exposure to the sun.


To use, dissolve in a little cold water and then add while the product is under 40°C.
Add 5-8% to Self-Tanning Preparations and 0.5%-3% to Sun Screens.
The raw material needs to be kept dry, away from light and in the fridge.
NB pH needs to be under 5.5.
Test your product with Litmus Paper and either add Lactic acid, Citric acid or Ascorbic acid to reduce the pH, if necessary.