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Organic Aroma Retained Coconut Butter


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Inci:Cocos nucifera Oil

Used for hair care, hair dressings, body butter, soap & sun care products. It also adds more body when melted into massage oils and adds the wonderful smell of fresh coconuts.


Coconut Butter is cold pressed from coconuts and the resulting fat is deodorised leaving soft, off white coloured butter.
A special production technique means that the fresh aroma of the coconut flesh is retained in the butter.
It melts quickly on the skin as its melting point is 20°C - 28°C.
It is an excellent emollient used for conditioning the skin and giving flexibility and shine to dry and coarse hair.
It gives extra texture when used it creams and lotions.


Use 1% to 100%.
As it is heat stable, it can be added in the fat stage (stage 1) when making creams, lotions, butters and balms.
Use for hair products, skin care creams, lotions, butters and balms as well as massage products and sun care products.
Adds a good, stable lather when used in soap making but don’t use more than 30% as it can then become drying.


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