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eB1 An intro to making creams & cosmetics 4th Ed

What does this mean?

A PDF file available to download immediately - find out instantly how to make your own Natural Creams the Aromantic way!

An eBook chapter excerpt from the printed book, The Aromantic Guide to making your own natural skin, hair and body care products, 4th Edition, 2011. 7 pages plus 5 extra pages.

Includes 5 extra pages: 3 extra pages about Preservative information and dosages; and 2 extra pages about making creams.

In this eBook you'll find the basics of making your own Creams and an overview of some of the more commonly used Vegetable Oils used in making Creams and other Natural Skin Care products. This e-book can be referred to as you use the other e-book chapters and try your hand at making other products.

Making your own Creams
Creating your own Cream Recipe
Base Cream Recipe
Basic Tips and Suggestions for Making Creams
How to rectify common mistakes when making Creams
Vegetable Oils and Fats for Health & Skin Care products
Commonly used Fats and Oils (covering 20 Fats and Oils)

[Changes to 4th Edition: Recipe is updated]