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Aromatherapy VS MRSA


What does this mean?

Well-known aromatherapy researcher Maggie Tisserand's book explains how prevalent the problem of MRSA (the Superbug) is & how essential oils can help.

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Overview of the book
Published in early Spring 2012, this book is crammed full of information about the problem of MRSA - in hospitals - in the community - in animals - around the world. It also includes information on natural products that have been scientifically proven to combat MRSA in a laboratory setting. Essential oils such as tea tree, manuka and thyme are each profiled in great detail, from their habitat, chemistry and commercial uses to the latest scientific research proving their effectiveness against MRSA bacteria (also known as the Superbug).

Other products with proven ability to help with the management of MRSA include - allicin from garlic, silver, manuka honey and phage therapy - each has a role to play in staying healthy or regaining health after suffering an MRSA infection. 'AROMATHERAPY vs MRSA' is a 160 page paperback book, divided into three parts.


About Maggie Tisserand
Maggie was one of the first authors on the subject of aromatherapy when Thorsons (Harper Collins) brought out ‘Aromatherapy for Women’ in 1985. The book has sold in excess of 700,000 copies and Maggie has authored or co-authored four other books on the subject of essential oils.

The Japanese publication of ‘Aromatherapy for Women’ was the stepping stone for Maggie and her Japanese agents to introduce aromatherapy to the Japanese market and Maggie was (in 1989) the first speaker on the subject.

Aromatherapy has been a passion of Maggie’s since the early 1980s and meeting the growers and distillers of aromatic plants, in many parts of the world, has been a joy and an education, with ‘aromatic travel’ generally taking the place of an annual holiday.

In the early part of the 21st Century Maggie came across internet articles on the emerging problems of SARS and MRSA and began investigating the possibility that essential oils might be what was needed to combat serious infections. Maggie's latest book addresses the problem of MRSA and details some well known and lesser known essential oils with antimicrobial properties. Aromantic sell Maggie's Benchmark Thyme Essential Oil


List of Contents
Chapter 1: MRSA - World view
Chapter 2: MRSA - Human Stories
Chapter 3: MRSA in animals
Chapter 4: Evolution of MRSA
Chapter 5: Microbiology Explained
Chapter 6: Tea Tree
Chapter 7: Manuka
Chapter 8: Thyme
Chapter 9: Further Research with Essential Oils
Chapter 10: Other Ways to Combat MRSA
Appendix I: Facts & Figures
Appendix II: Reasons for Resistance
Appendix III: Risk Factors
Appendix IV: Before Going into Hospital
Appendix V: Essential Oils
Appendix VI: Wound Care
Appendix VII: Extra Reading
Appendix VIII: International Agencies
Resources: PRODUCTS



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