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Natural Skin Care: Sensitive Skin Care


What does this mean?


This one day course will give you an effective range of sensitive skin products (formally named baby products) to use for yourself or your whole family.

Along with the products you make, you will take home extra formulations so that you can expand your knowledge and make even more products.

You will be making a Soothing Body Lotion using Poppy Seed Oil and amazing "green" emulsifier which creates lamellar structures within the product. This is layered approach is excellent for sensitive skin as it means the active ingredients penetrate the dermis in a more natural way and are better tolerated by the skin.

You will also make an Oat Oil Body Wash that combines skin conditioning oils into a mild skin cleanser which gently washes the skin and hair leaving it beautifully conditioned and soft.

A Soothing Skin Balm is an incredibly effective salve using Rice Bran Wax as a vegan alternative to the traditional beeswax along with healing oils. Ideal for use on the face, sensitive skin and many other uses as well including dry skin patches.

A Gentle Facial Oil Blend is just right when your sensitive skin needs some extra intensive nourishment and TLC. This has a beautiful combination of Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 7 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids as well as Vitamin E.

Finally, a Spray Facial Cleanser is an elegantly and effective way to remove makeup and cleanse sensitive skin leaving it feeling soft and protected.


You need no previous knowledge, training or experience to attend this course and make wonderful products.

This is a good foundation course for anyone interested in developing a product range for retail or simply wanting to make better quality products for themselves, family and friends.

It will also benefit beauty therapists, salons, aromatherapists, cosmetologists and anyone who works in the field of healing or complementary medicine who wants to enhance the service they provide to their clients.



We start with the theory and materials used.

Mid morning refreshment break (drinks and biscuits provided)

Practical session making products.

Lunch (not provided)

More hands on work making your products

Mid afternoon refreshment break (drinks and biscuits provided)

Even more products for you to make!

Questions & Feedback. Certificates handed out.

Course ends


A Certificate of Completion will be handed out after successfully completing the course. You will also receive recipes and further information about different ingredients.

This course can be attended without first having to attend any of our other course.

Students of this course will receive a 10% discount on Aromantic Products (except courses) if ordered within the 10 days following your course.