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Argan Oil


What does this mean?

Inci: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil

A nourishing, regenerating and protective oil for all skin types. It sinks in very fast giving an incredibly soft and elegant feel to the skin. Excellent in hair products.


A clear, yellow liquid obtained by expeller pressing of the seeds (stone) of the argan fruit. It has a typically strong odour that will need careful masking with essential oils as it is very pungent and can be overpowering.

Use 1% to 100%.

Oil soluble so cannot be used in water only products. It can be used in small amounts in water based gels that will hold it in suspension.

Heat stable so can be used in Stage 1 (fat stage) when making creams and lotions.

Works very well with Camellia Seed Oil for around the eye area to keep the skin supple and diminish wrinkles.

Combine with Rosehip Seed Oil to reduce large pores and to reduce or prevent stretch marks. Even more effective when blended with helichrysum essential oil.

Adding Evening Primrose Oil will enhance the regenerative qualities of the oil as it will boost the Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) levels overall.

According to the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (CosIng), the functions of Argan Oil are:

Emollient, Skin Conditioning.

To view more information, visit the CosIng Database here.

Typical Fatty Acid Profile
C16:0 Palmitic Acid 10% to 15%
C18:0 Stearic Acid 3% to 6.5%
C18:1 Oleic Acid (Omega 9) 45% to 55%
C18:2 Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) 28% to 36%
C18:3 Linolenic Acid (Omega 3) max 0.5%
Saponification Value mgKOH / g 190-200


Skin Care
  • Argan Oil sinks into the skin incredibly fast leaving no greasy after feel and the skin feels exceptionally soft and elegant. Adds radiance to the skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types, Argan Oil nourishes dry skin and is very good for eczema prone skin. It naturally balances the sebum production of oily and combination skin.
  • The sebum balancing effect makes it a great choice for oily and acne prone skin as it will naturally reduce the oiliness.
  • It reduces wrinkles and moisturises parched skin so use in eye serums, facial oils, body oils, creams and lotions. Very effective to use on the neck and décolleté.
  • The high level of Omega 6 in Argan Oil means that this oil helps to preserve the integrity of the skin’s cells. A good natural level of tocopherols also make it very good for combatting free radical activity and oxidation.
  • It is a great wound healer and can be used for acne scars and stretch marks.
  • It repairs damaged cuticles and improves the condition of the nails. Use in hand and foot creams.
Hair Care
  • Argan Oil strengthens hair whilst making it soft. It leaves no sticky residue.
  • It adds condition to dull and lifeless or over processed hair. It promotes moisture retention to keep the hair more flexible and reduce breakage.
  • Excellent to reduce dandruff and also conditions a dry, flaky scalp.
  • Use in a blend for hair oils and packs as well as conditioners. It works very well when combed through wet hair and left overnight to shampoo out the next morning.
  • Argan Oil makes a great beard oil as it softens the bristly hairs and conditions.


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Traditional Aromatherapy Uses
Traditionally used by qualified aromatherapists to help scars to heal as well as other skin infections.
Historical Information
Native to Morocco, this oil has been used for centuries by the local Berber women as a cure all as well as a food.
It is important to trust your supplier to obtain a usable argan oil. The cheapest way of producing it is to let goats climb the argan trees and eat the fruits, which they love.
They eventually poop out the stones and they are gathered, hopefully washed, roasted and ground to produce argan oil. This way of production gives a very strong smelling oil, unsurprisingly, smelling of goats.

The better, but more expensive way is very labour intensive. The fruits are hand picked and the flesh is also removed by hand as machines cannot do this very well. It is this unroasted oil that is better for hair and skin care. This work is mostly done as a homes based business by Berber women and it is a good source of income for them when they work in co-operatives. The resulting oil has all the benefits and not such a strong “goaty” odour.