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Inci:Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Wax

A skin conditioning agent and protective wax that adds body to emulsions, giving them good spreadability as well as a silky, non-sticky feel.


Rice Bran Wax is a by product of Rice Bran Oil production.  It is a natural hard, crystalline vegetable wax obtained from rice husks with a high melting point of 77-86°C.
It consists of very long chain saturated C46-C62 esters, also known as Policosanols, from C20-C36 fatty alcohols and C20-C26 fatty acids.
Rice Bran Wax naturally contains Phospholipids which act as binding agents, Phytosterols (healthy plant sterols) and Squalane which is moisturising and has antioxidant properties.
Aromantic's Rice Bran Wax has been winterised but has not been hydrogenated.
This means that Rice Bran Oil has been gently heated then cooled until the waxy part solidifies and can be filtered out using vegetable ethanol.
Winterising also means that the remaining oil stays liquid and clear in cold conditions.
It may be used in both W/O and O/W emulsions and in many other natural cosmetics such as lip balms & lip sticks, mascara, hair or beard styling wax, creams and lotions.
It has a natural odour similiar to that of children's wax crayons but this is easily masked if necessary.Rice Bran Wax is a skin conditioning and protecting agent. It is an oclusive that is non comedogenic.
It adds body to emulsions.
When used in an emulsion it gives good spreadability as well as giving it a silky, non-sticky feel.
It gives emulsions a matte appearance and leaves the skin and hair feeling protected.
Rice Bran Wax also has good antioxidant properties.
When used in hair conditioning products it has been found to be smoothing and softening.
It adds hardness to a balm and can partially be used in place of Carnauba Wax in lipstick formulations.
As it can reduce the stickiness of oils and is naturally soothing it is worth using with a high percentage of Castor Oil in a baby nappy rash balm.
Small amounts of Rice Bran Wax can be used to create oil gels.
Rice Bran Wax is high in palmitic acid and is sometimes used in place of palm oil as it makes a harder, longer lasting bar when incorporated in a cold process soap formula (up to 10%).
When used in a balm or oil gel, it has the ability to prevent syneresis or droplets of liquid forming on the top of the product.


In creams and lotions: 1-3%
In cold process soaps: 1-10%
In liquid soap made from scratch: 5-10%
In lip balms/barrier balms: up to 20%
Sap Value: 86.3 KoH
75-120 (mg/KOH/g)
In Japan, Rice Bran Wax has traditionally been used to make thin Rice Bran Wax candles with tightly rolled Washi paper wicks.
It has also been used for paper & fruit coating, printing inks, water proofing and chewing gum.


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06 February 2021
Ms L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
Rice barn wax

Really love using this for my lip balm as an alternative to beeswax

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