Selling products to your therapy clients

If you're an aromatherapist, beautician, salon owner or any other therapist working in the field of complementary therapy, you can tailor-make natural cosmetics specific to your clients' specific needs/skin types and conditions and prescribe and sell to them directly after your consultation. This add-on service is an excellent way to enhance your practice and to support your clients. If you increased the cost of a session by £10 or £15, your client would probably react badly but if you sell them an optional take-home product specifically tailored to their needs or condition, then they are more likely to accept it.
Other positive aspects are that they are being supported in between sessions and they are reminded of your work with them every time they use the product, making it more likely that they will return to you for another session. Most likely your therapy insurance will cover you for selling to your clients after consultation but check with your insurer first. Usually you don't need extra insurance nor do you need to have your products laboratory-tested. We do, however, suggest that you follow standard good hygiene and record-keeping protocols.

Therapists and Practitioners selling to the public

If you're a qualified therapist prescribing products for your clients, this is the easiest way to sell your products, but at some point you may want to take the next step by selling to the public. As a practitioner you have the added selling point of being an industry professional - people will trust your advice and have faith in your products - after all you're a professional! Before selling your products to the public, there are a few different legal areas that need addressing.  Click here to read more about starting your own business.