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Cosmetri is a secure, web-based software application to help cosmetics and personal care businesses with workflow, formulation and compliance tasks.

Since the introduction of the current E.U. regulations, businesses and individuals selling cosmetics face even stricter requirements for staying compliant. Product formulations have to be routinely checked against any restrictions in CosIng, safety assessments obtained, batch traceability ensured and product information files (PIFs) kept up-to-date, as well as numerous other regulatory and GMP-related requirements.

Here at Aromantic, we understand how difficult and time consuming those processes can be and are pleased to introduce in partnership with our friends at Cosmetri, a software solution to help make life significantly easier and more efficient.

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Whether you're looking for a simpler way to create new formulas without needing to lookup ingredients in CosIng, want to improve workflow efficiency or have access to powerful tools for helping stay legally compliant, Cosmetri is designed specifically for you and your business.

Features included:
  • Task Manager - shows you what needs to be done for each of your products at a glance.
  • Ingredients Watch - checks for changes in CosIng and alerts you to any potential problems with your formulas
  • PIF Flight Checker - alerts you to any missing documents or data required when creating your PIF file
  • Manufacturing - manage your production, raw materials inventory and ensure batch traceability
  • Quality Assurance - set up tests and required approval for tighter GMP compliance
  • Production Reports - track and create reports of your product production
  • Cost Calculator - optimise your materials costs and increase profitability
  • Document Manager - all regulatory and product related documents stored in the right place. No more chaos.
  • Supplier Manager - easily manage supplier/raw material relationships across batch changes
  • Packaging - one click pack-out with auto deduction of all required packaging items
With a range of new features, such as virtual assistants, global compliance, user departments, team activity reports and time sheets, improved formulation tools and hundreds of other enhancements, Cosmetri is fast becoming the must-have software for cosmetics and personal care businesses of all sizes.

Cosmetri have worked closely with cosmetic businesses, professional cosmetic formulators, legal experts and safety assesors to offer a web-based software that will greatly improve the efficiency of your business.

Click here for your free 14-day trial!