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Make Your Own Skin Care Recipes

Image of Man using Oil Cleanser for men

Oil Cleanser For Men

An effective and caring blend of carrier oils creating a fabulous skin cleanser, especially for men.
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Image of Cocoa Butter Bath Melts with Spa Products

Cocoa Butter Bath Melts

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Image of Woman laughing in the Shower

Bath & Shower Oil

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Image of a Person holding a bottle of Vitamin Bath and Spa Products

Vitamin Bath

A foam bath packed with antioxidant vitamins to revitalise tired skin.
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Image of Rice Bran Barrier Balms

Rice Bran Barrier Balm

A rich blend of soothing and protective oils that combine with the Cocoa Butter and Rice Bran Wax to give a cushioned barrier for hard working hands.
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Image of Hands with Balm in a Heart Shape

Hand Balm

An extra intense healing balm especially good for cracked skin. Soothing Oat Oil conditions the skin and the Rice Starch ensures it feels silky. A little goes a long way.
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Image of woman applying ultra smooth silk balm on her body / legs

Ultra-Smooth Silk Balm

A blend of light oils that penetrate the skin easily and leave it nourished and conditioned. The rice starch adds an extra touch of silky elegance.
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ABC Body Butter

ABC Body Butter

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image of bottles of olive oil cleansing balm

Olive Oil Cleansing Balm

To use, take some from the pot and warm between your fingertips and work into the face. This will remove even waterproof mascara. The secret is to take time to work the product in well so that all the grease and grime can dissolve. Then take a soft cloth (microfibre or muslin are both good) and gently wipe off. Do not scrub hard or drag the skin, gently wipe until all traces are removed.
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Image of Woman applying Cocoa Butter balm on her Chest

Cocoa Butter Base Balm

Sweet Almond Oil can be replaced with another oil of your choice. For example, using Arnica Oil would be great for localised massage. Tamanu Oil would be ideal for repairing damaged skin. There are many other oils that could be used.
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Image of Buttery Lip balm with Beeswax in jars

Buttery Lip Balm

This recipe produces a soft, buttery lip balm that is ideally stored in small pots or aluminium jars. Essential oils that are recommended for lip balms are orange, lemon, mandarin, lime, grapefruit, lavender, spearmint or a small amount of peppermint. We use larger amounts of essential oils than would be expected for a leave-on product to compensate for heat evaporation. You can also personalise this recipe with aroma flavours and pearlescent colours.
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Image of jars containing Calendula Balm

Calendula Balm

This Calendula Balm with nourish and soothe dry, cracked skin. Our recipe uses olive oil as the base of our balm, but you can use any other heat-tolerant oil you have around.
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