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Blueberry Brightener for Skin and Hair Recipe

Blueberry Brightener for Skin and Hair

Blueberry and tomato oils don't seem like natural companions but they work exceptionally well together on your skin and for your hair.
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Detoxifying Syndet Shampoo Bar Recipe

Detoxifying Syndet Shampoo Bar

A solid shampoo bar with Activated Charcoal and a blend of essential oils designed to detoxify the scalp.
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image of a man being applied beard balm

Beard Balm

A softening and conditioning beard balm that would also be ideal as a night balm for anyone with very dry or dehydrated skin.
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image of a woman using the everyday hand cream

Everyday Hand Cream

A simple but effective hand cream suitable for everyday use. This recipe can be easily adapted to use different carrier oils in Stage 1.
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image for bottle containing light skin lotion

Light Skin Lotion

An incredibly simple, but effective light textured skin lotion. Can also be used as a leave in hair conditioner as hair appropriate ingredients are used.
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Image of a woman using Repair and Care Hair Conditioner

Repair & Care Hair Conditioner

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Image of a woman applying an overnight hair mask

Overnight Hair Mask

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Image of a woman doing a Nourishing Hair Mask

Nourishing Hair Mask

A rinse off conditioning hair mask with nourishing, hair loving, Tomato Seed and Brazil Nut oils. Apply and leave on for an hour or so before washing out.
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Image of Daily Facial Serum in a bottle

Daily Facial Serum

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Image of a happy mature woman having applied hydrating body lotion

Hydrating Body Lotion

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Image of Woman applying Daily Body Lotion on her legs / body

Daily Body Lotion

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Image of spray / lotion / cream for top-to-toe conditioner

Top-To-Toe Conditioner

This sprayable lotion can be used as a light, leave on hair and beard conditioner, as an aftershave soother, as a facial moisturiser, as a body lotion and as a light hand cream.
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