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Rose Facial Serum Recipe

Rose Facial Serum

A nutrient rich combination of some of our most powerful antioxidant and anti ageing ingredients blended into a light serum for easy use day and night. Can be applied under a moisturiser or make up.
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Deeply Hydrating Serum Recipe

Deeply Hydrating Serum

Black Seed Oil with a host of powerful active ingredients for a strong antioxidant effect and the so-called "fountain of youth" Hyaluronic Acid.
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Oil for combination skin and acne-prone skin recipe

Oil For Combination Skin & Acne Prone Skin

A dry feeling oil blend specifically designed for challenging combination skin as well as combination skin or the T-zone. Nutritious ingredients balance the sebum production.
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Nail and Cuticle Oil Recipe

Nail & Cuticle Oil

A rich blend of oils that includes zinc to strengthen the nail bed and keep the nails from splitting or flaking. The essential oil blend helps to gently restore the natural translucency of discoloured nails.
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Cuticle Oil Recipe

Cuticle Oil

A simple to make cuticle oil that is really effective. Use twice a day and ragged cuticles will be a thing of the past. Works well rubbed into your hands as well.
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Tonifying Serum Recipe

Tonifying Serum

A light and elegant serum with a matte finish that is loaded with potent active ingredients which help to reduce wrinkles and brighten your complexion.
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Image of woman applying body oil for mature skin on her body / legs

Body Oil for Mature Skin

A luxurious blend of vegetable oils with the heady aroma of Neroli and Petitgrain added. This blend of oils is rich is Omega 9 Essential Fatty Acids which are excellent for conditioning and nourishing the skin.
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Image of Mature Woman applying Mullein Face Lifting Oil on her Face as part of her Skincare Routine

Mullein Face Lifting Oil

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icem ol for sensitive skin

Face Oil for Sensitive Skin

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image of pot of regenerative eye cream

Regenerative Eye Cream

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Image of Woman Applying Glowing Face Oil with Carrot and Avocado in front of her mirror

Glowing Face Oil with Carrot & Avocado

A glowing oil that can be used to rehydrate the skin's complexion. With a blend of fruit and essential oils, this can be customised to suit your mood, and your skin type to keep you glowing all year long!
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image for soothing post wax gel with pomegranate oil

Soothing Post-Wax Gel

Soothing, calming and cooling for after waxing or shaving. Will also work well as an after sun gel.
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