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Children's Squishy Putty Soap Recipe

Squishy Putty Soap

Make hand washing fun with our Squishy Putty Soap. Suitable for children and easy for them to make too.
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Daily Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin Recipe

Daily Moisturiser For Sensitive Skin

Gentle and soothing ingredients not only care for sensitive skin but actively work to reinforce and strengthen the skin to be less reactive and promote healthy regeneration.
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Daily Moisturiser with Matte Finish Recipe

Daily Moisturiser with Matte Finish

An ultra-potent moisturiser loaded with skin boosting actives. Suitable for anyone who prefers a cream with a matter finish. Ideal for men's product ranges.
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image of oriental exfoliating body scrub being use during a massage

Oriental Exfoliating Body Scrub

A velvety soft gel with a bamboo exfoliant. Gentle enough to use on the face when used lightly, strong enough to use on the body with more pressure. Rinses clean away leaving the skin so soft.
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image of body oil with rice bran

Soothing and Calming Face and Body Oil

A blend of ingredients renowned for their ability to soothe and calm irritated and itchy skin. Enriched with vitamins and CO2 extracts.
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image of massage being done with chickweed and chamomile massage oil

Chickweed & Chamomile Massage Oil

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image for massage oil with rice bran oil

Massage Blend with Rice Bran Oil and Rosehip

A luxurious blend of potent extracts, Vitamin E and skin nourishing oils designed to nurture sensitive skin and restore it to back to being healthy and supple.
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image for raspberry sun oil

Raspberry Sun Oil

A blend of oils that have noted SPF protection. Light and non greasy, this sinks in to the skin quickly. We are unable to give this blend a SPF rating as it is more suitable for daily use.
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Image of a woman using the Elegant Eye Cream

Elegant Eye Cream

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Image of Rice Bran Cream Cleanser in a pot

Rice Bran Cream Cleanser

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