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Image of walnut and jojoba body oil

Walnut & Jojoba Body Oil

Nutritious nut oils combined with Borage Oil rich in GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) and a high level of Vitamin E will encourage fresher looking skin quickly.
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Image of Woman applying Safflower Face Oil on her Skin

Safflower Face Oil

Safflower Oil is also known as Thistle Oil. This face oil is rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 which makes it well balanced and great for regenerating dry and damaged skin.
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image for vitamin E blend for scarred & damaged skin

Vitamin E Blend for Scarred & Damaged Skin

An intensive blend of Vitamin E, Tamanu Oil and other active ingredients to repair damaged skin. This blend is extremely potent, so apply directly where needed. It is not to be used on babies or children.
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image of sunflowers for serum

Sunflower Serum

A blend of oils rich in GLA (GammaLinolenic Acid) and high in Omega 3 to tone and restore flexibity to your skin.
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 image for st. john's wort after sun oil

St. John’s Wort After Sun Oil

A soothing and healing blend of vegetable oils renowned for their healing qualities. Please note that this is not for sunbathing as it contains no SPF. Can also be used for irritated skin conditions.
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image of st john's wort soothing sun oil

St. John’s Wort Soothing Sun Oil

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image of mature woman applying anti wrinkle facial serum with prickly pear

Anti Wrinkle Facial Serum with Prickly Pear

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image of body massage oil with olive & apricot

Body Massage Oil with Olive & Apricot

A nutritious oil blend with Omega 3, 6 and 9, Vitamin E and Thistle Oil to stimulate the natural healing process. Can be used as a daily oil, not just for massage.
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image of woman using oil for legs prone to varicose veins and spider veins

Oil for Legs prone to Varicose Veins and Spider Veins

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image of soothing oil blends for legs

Soothing Oil Blend for Legs

Horse Chestnut and Arnica are the classic combination for tired legs, supporting the vascular and lymphatic system. Vitamin enriched to condition the skin and combat ashen skin.
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image for lifting face oil with avocado oil

Lifting Facial Oil

An excellent source of Omega essential fatty acids and a large amount of Vitamin E make this a powerhouse of a facial oil that tones and lifts the skin to feel lifted, firmer and more resilient.
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image of watermelon baby oil with apricot kernel oil

Watermelon Baby Oil

A gentle and soft, nutritious oil blend for the most sensitive of skin. For little babies and us bigger babies. Ideal for sensitive skin types.
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