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Image of Dry Skin Moisturiser

Moisturiser for Dry Skin

Perfect for nourishing dry skin this moisturiser utilises all the benefits of Oat and Thistle oils.
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Image of a person using deep conditioning hand cream

Deep Conditioning Hand Cream

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Image of moisturiser cream in a pot for face and body

Moisturising Face & Body Cream

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Image of spray / lotion / cream for top-to-toe conditioner

Top-To-Toe Conditioner

This sprayable lotion can be used as a light, leave on hair and beard conditioner, as an aftershave soother, as a facial moisturiser, as a body lotion and as a light hand cream.
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Image of Bronzing Conditioning Cream with Collagen Boost and Bronze

Bronzing Conditioning Cream

This ultra conditioning cream with Tigernut and Brazil Nut oils will also help boost collagen production and naturally enhance your tan.
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Images of Toner and Spa Products with Rose water

Pre-Moisturising Toner

Boost your skin's moisture, increase firmness and youthful appearance with this super hydrating combination of plant actives.
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Image of Spritz Toner with other Spa Products

Spritz Toner For Mature Skin

A refreshing, moisture enhancing, tightening, vitamin enriched toner especially good for mature skins.
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Image of woman applying ultra smooth silk balm on her body / legs

Ultra-Smooth Silk Balm

A blend of light oils that penetrate the skin easily and leave it nourished and conditioned. The rice starch adds an extra touch of silky elegance.
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Image of jars containing Calendula Balm

Calendula Balm

This Calendula Balm with nourish and soothe dry, cracked skin. Our recipe uses olive oil as the base of our balm, but you can use any other heat-tolerant oil you have around.
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