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image for comfrey sports treatment oil

Comfrey Sports Oil

A great oil blend to use after sports as Comfrey Oil can help to soothe stiff muscles.
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image for butter containing mango and baobab for the body

Mango & Baobab Body Butter

This makes a rich and heavy butter which is slowly absorbed into the skin. Ideal after a bath, intensive overnight treatments or massage. Excellent at hydrating very dry or ashen skin and especially on the legs after shaving.
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image of massage oil with calendula oil

Before and After Sports Massage Oil

A blend of oils rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Enriched with Horse Chestnut which helps to protect athletes from sprains and muscular aches.
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image of bottle containing skin silk

Skin Silk

A silky feeling oil blend suitable for all skin types. This blend is thickened with Cera Bellina and encourages skin cell renewal. Absorbs more slowly so makes a good massage blend.
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image of baby feet

Rosehip Baby Oil

A gentle oil blend rich in Omega 3, Omega 7 and GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid). Be sure to only use essential oils that are safe for a baby. This oil blend would also benefit anyone with scar tissue damage.
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image of someone being massaged

Massage Lotion

A rich, extremely nourishing, skin loving massage lotion, perfect to customise with your choice of essential oils.
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image of cream / oil with coconut oil

Coconutterly Marvellous Massage Oil

A nourishing blend of Coconut Butter and Coconut Oil enriched with Jojoba and Thistle oils - and a heavenly scent!
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image of body butter in a plate

Skin Conditioning Body Butter

The high level of Shea Butter brings natural plant sterols to condition your skin instantly. It also provides enough slip to work as a massage butter as well.
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Image of a woman applying Coconut hair butter

Coconut Hair & Body Butter

An intensely rich butter that will condition the hair when used as a hair pack, soften really dry skin anywhere on your body and even work well for massage.
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Image of woman getting a massage using Massage Cream

Massage Cream

A traditional style massage cream such as used in the Swedish massage schools. Enriched with Omega 3 and pain relieving Plai essential oil.
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Image of Woman applying Cocoa Butter balm on her Chest

Cocoa Butter Base Balm

Sweet Almond Oil can be replaced with another oil of your choice. For example, using Arnica Oil would be great for localised massage. Tamanu Oil would be ideal for repairing damaged skin. There are many other oils that could be used.
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Images of almond seed and Sweet almond oil for stretch mark oil

Stretch Mark Oil with Shea Butter

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