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Image of sacha inchi soothing skin lotion

Camelina Soothing Skin Lotion

A light lotion made with a selection of soothing ingredients that can be used both on the face and body. Suitable for irritated and sensitive skins.
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Children's Squishy Putty Soap Recipe

Squishy Putty Soap

Make hand washing fun with our Squishy Putty Soap. Suitable for children and easy for them to make too.
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Blueberry Brightener for Skin and Hair Recipe

Blueberry Brightener for Skin and Hair

Blueberry and tomato oils don't seem like natural companions but they work exceptionally well together on your skin and for your hair.
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Rejuvenation cream recipe

Rejuvenation Cream

This makes a smooth, rich cream that is easily absorbed and leaves no greasy residue. Use on any areas of dry, flaky or rough skin, as well as on areas of scarring.
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Spray Cleanser

Spray Cleanser

This can be used in a spray bottle or used on cotton pads. Gentle enough to be used as a baby bottom cleaner for nappy changes and effective enough to remove waterproof eye makeup! Simply wipe on and wipe off. Repeat of needed.
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Nail and Cuticle Oil Recipe

Nail & Cuticle Oil

A rich blend of oils that includes zinc to strengthen the nail bed and keep the nails from splitting or flaking. The essential oil blend helps to gently restore the natural translucency of discoloured nails.
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Cuticle Oil Recipe

Cuticle Oil

A simple to make cuticle oil that is really effective. Use twice a day and ragged cuticles will be a thing of the past. Works well rubbed into your hands as well.
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Lifting Cream Recipe

Lifting Cream

A rich cream with many powerful actives to lift, tone and firm your skin. It will continuously hydrate your skin for several hours while smoothing and improving the texture.
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Body Gel for Itchy Skin Recipe

Body Gel For Itchy Skin

A silky gel designed to soothe and calm itchy skin. Healing and cooling to help the skin recover and regenerate.
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Tonifying Serum Recipe

Tonifying Serum

A light and elegant serum with a matte finish that is loaded with potent active ingredients which help to reduce wrinkles and brighten your complexion.
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image of oriental exfoliating body scrub being use during a massage

Oriental Exfoliating Body Scrub

A velvety soft gel with a bamboo exfoliant. Gentle enough to use on the face when used lightly, strong enough to use on the body with more pressure. Rinses clean away leaving the skin so soft.
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image of hand cream in a pot

Hand Cream

A firm, silky hand cream that really nourishes your hands and stimulates collagen production. Customise it by adding your own blend of essential oils.
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