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image for rejuvenation gel for dull and lifeless skin

Rejuvenation Gel For Dull and Lifeless Skin

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image of foot being applied antifungal foot gel

Antifungal Foot Gel

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image for soothing post wax gel with pomegranate oil

Soothing Post-Wax Gel

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image of bottles of gel for the enriched skin gel

Enriched Skin Gel

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image for hydrating hydrolate serum with rose flower water

Hydrating Hydrolate Serum

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image of aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera Gel

This makes a light and elegant gel rich with the healing abilities of aloe vera. It can be used as a base to add oils, tinctures and other active ingredients. Without oil, it can feel tight and drying on the skin.
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