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image for butter containing mango and baobab for the body

Mango & Baobab Body Butter

This makes a rich and heavy butter which is slowly absorbed into the skin. Ideal after a bath, intensive overnight treatments or massage. Excellent at hydrating very dry or ashen skin and especially on the legs after shaving.
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image of a woman using the everyday hand cream

Everyday Hand Cream

A simple but effective hand cream suitable for everyday use. This recipe can be easily adapted to use different carrier oils in Stage 1.
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image for bottle containing light skin lotion

Light Skin Lotion

An incredibly simple, but effective light textured skin lotion. Can also be used as a leave in hair conditioner as hair appropriate ingredients are used.
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image of foot cream with papaya

Papaya Foot Cream

A softening foot cream with Papaya Seed Oil which naturally improves the texture and brightness of the skin with regular use. Very effective at keeping the skin between the toes in good condition.
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image of body butter in a plate

Skin Conditioning Body Butter

The high level of Shea Butter brings natural plant sterols to condition your skin instantly. It also provides enough slip to work as a massage butter as well.
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Image of spa products with the hydrating body lotion

Aftershave Lotion

A light and soothing lotion with Calendula Oil and Comfrey Glycerol Extract. Perfect for use after shaving. Suitable for the face and body.
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Image of a woman applying Coconut hair butter

Coconut Hair & Body Butter

An intensely rich butter that will condition the hair when used as a hair pack, soften really dry skin anywhere on your body and even work well for massage.
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Image of a woman applying an overnight hair mask

Overnight Hair Mask

This rich, intensely nourishing hair mask is designed to be left on overnight for maximum effect. Apply to dry or damp hair.
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Image of shea and argan hair conditioner being applied on hair

Shea & Argan Hair Conditioner

A great hair conditioner featuring Shea butter and Argan oil with Honey Moisturiser for extra hydration.
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Image of woman doing a hair mask using organ hair conditioner

Argan Hair Conditioner

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Image of a woman doing a Nourishing Hair Mask

Nourishing Hair Mask

A rinse off conditioning hair mask with nourishing, hair loving, Tomato Seed and Brazil Nut oils. Apply and leave on for an hour or so before washing out.
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Image of a woman using daily facial moisturiser

Daily Facial Moisturiser

A daily moisturiser for maturing skins with the potent anti wrinkle active ingredients Eco Marine Algae Extract and Lupine Peptides.
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