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image of bottles of perilla seed oil cleanser for OCM

Perilla Seed Oil Cleanser for OCM

The Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) is very effective at removing make up and eye make up in particular. Simply apply with a cotton pad and work in to the areas you are cleansing, then wipe off with cotton pads or a damp cloth.
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image for treatment on hair with hot oil

Hot Oil Hair Treatment

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image for luminous face oil

Luminous Face Oil

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image of someone applying moringa shiny hair oil

Moringa Shiny Hair Oil

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image of someone being massaged

Massage Lotion

A rich, extremely nourishing, skin loving massage lotion, perfect to customise with your choice of essential oils.
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image of woman with lip gloss

Easy Lip Gloss

It doesn't get simpler than this but it is still a really effective lip gloss to give shine and condition.
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image for hair pack suitable for dry & processed hair

Hair Pack for Dry & Processed Hair

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image of a pot of cleansing cream

Cleansing Cream

A rich and creamy cleanser that can be applied to the skin and worked in for a few minutes before being wiped off with a damp cloth or cotton pads. Very effective at removing make up.
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Image of rinse off cleansing lotion in a jar

Rinse-Off Cleansing Lotion

A Rinse Off Cleansing Lotion suitable for daily use and removing make up.
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Image of sprayable hair pomade

Sprayable Hair Pomade

A sprayable, leave on, oil blend suitable for conditioning hair and beards. Spray a little into your hands then rub through the hair from root to tip.
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Image of Hair and Body Oil to use in spray

Hair and Body Oil Spray

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Image of woman applying natural roll-on deodorant under arms

Natural Roll On Deodorant

A simple roll on, natural deodorant gel. Add the essential oils suggested for excellent results or customise it with your own blend.
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