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Image of a jar containing lightly lifting body lotion

Lightly Lifting Body Lotion

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image of fresh body lotion surrounded by spa products

Fresh Body Lotion

A light, yet rich, body lotion that will stimulate the skin and the senses whilst conditioning, hydrating and smoothing your skin. A daily all over body treat!
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Image of Person applying Elegant after shave cream on her legs

Elegant After Shave Cream

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Image of a happy mature woman having applied hydrating body lotion

Hydrating Body Lotion

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Image of Woman applying Daily Body Lotion on her legs / body

Daily Body Lotion

A daily use body lotion with AHA's to gently refresh the texture an appearance of your skin.
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Image of Applying After-Sun Hydrating Lotion

After-Sun Hydrating Lotion

A soothing and hydrating after sun lotion. As it contains St John's Wort oil do not use this lotion if you are out in the sun.
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Image of moisturiser cream in a pot for face and body

Moisturising Face & Body Cream

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Image of spray / lotion / cream for top-to-toe conditioner

Top-To-Toe Conditioner

This sprayable lotion can be used as a light, leave on hair and beard conditioner, as an aftershave soother, as a facial moisturiser, as a body lotion and as a light hand cream.
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Image of woman getting a massage using Massage Cream

Massage Cream

A traditional style massage cream such as used in the Swedish massage schools. Enriched with Omega 3 and pain relieving Plai essential oil.
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Image of Bronzing Conditioning Cream with Collagen Boost and Bronze

Bronzing Conditioning Cream

This ultra conditioning cream with Tigernut and Brazil Nut oils will also help boost collagen production and naturally enhance your tan.
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Image of Shower Creams in Bottles

Shower Crème

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Image of Three Bottles of Liquid Soap

Liquid Soap

A quick and easy recipe for a multi-purpose Liquid Soap . May be used as a hand wash, body wash, shower soap even a shampoo in an emergency.
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