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image of a pregnant woman using stretch mark and scar tissue balm

Stretch Mark & Scar Tissue Balm

A balm high in Vitamin E, Rosehip Seed Oil and Shea Butter, excellent for helping reduce the size and appearance of stretch marks and scarring. Rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9.
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image of woman using simple shower gel

Simple Shower Gel

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Image of Woman with Acne Prone Skin Suitable for Facial Serum

Facial Serum For Acne Prone Skin

A light serum to even out the skin tone after acne prone skin skin damage and darkened areas. Needs to be used for several months for gentle results.
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Image of a woman using the spray body lotion on her body

Spray Body Lotion

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image of the super sun body lotion jar

Super Sun Body Lotion

This light lotion features Collagen Boost & Bronze for its moisturising, collagen boosting and natural tan enhancing properties. It has no SPF, so should not be used as a sun protection lotion.
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Image of spa products with the hydrating body lotion

Aftershave Lotion

A light and soothing lotion with Calendula Oil and Comfrey Glycerol Extract. Perfect for use after shaving. Suitable for the face and body.
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image of a woman applying daily moisturising cream

Daily Moisturising Cream

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Image of Hair and Body Oil to use in spray

Hair and Body Oil Spray

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Image of Mediterranean hair pack

Mediterranean Hair Pack

The oils in this formulation are all excellent for hair but they are just as good for the skin as well. That makes this product a delight to use on the face and body as well.
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Image of a woman applying Coconut hair butter

Coconut Hair & Body Butter

An intensely rich butter that will condition the hair when used as a hair pack, soften really dry skin anywhere on your body and even work well for massage.
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Image of Super Soft face & Body oil using Oat Oil

Super Soft Face & Body Oil

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Image of Woman having applied conditioning gel to even out skin tone

Conditioning Gel to Even Out Skin Tone

A soothing gel that will gently balance out the skin skin so darker areas of skin damage do not show so much. Also very regenerative to dull and sun damaged skin.
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