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image of cream for dry skin

Cream for Dry Skin

A nourishing cream rich in Omega 9 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids for dry and sensitive skin. Simple yet so effective. 
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image for comfrey sports treatment oil

Comfrey Sports Oil

A great oil blend to use after sports as Comfrey Oil can help to soothe stiff muscles.
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image of woman applying watermelon and mango hair conditioner on her roots

Watermelon and Mango Hair Conditioner

This thickens up a little more overnight. It leaves a beautiful silky feeling and could also be used as a hand or body cream. Truly top to toe!
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image for soothing post wax gel with pomegranate oil

Soothing Post-Wax Gel

Soothing, calming and cooling for after waxing or shaving. Will also work well as an after sun gel.
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image of woman using lotion for oily skin

Lotion for Oily Skin

A lovely, light, non greasy lotion, featuring Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Organic Anti Acne Active Formula. Great for rebalancing oily skins.
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image of bottles of gel for the enriched skin gel

Enriched Skin Gel

An incredibly versatile gel that is easy to make and use throughout the day. Ideal as a make up primer. Very effective used before an intensive night cream.
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image of wax

Rose Water And Glycerin Lotion

A hydrating, light weight lotion, combining Rose Water and Glycerin. Elegant to use anywhere on the body, both day and night.
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image for butter containing mango and baobab for the body

Mango & Baobab Body Butter

This makes a rich and heavy butter which is slowly absorbed into the skin. Ideal after a bath, intensive overnight treatments or massage. Excellent at hydrating very dry or ashen skin and especially on the legs after shaving.
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image of avocado oil for massage

Avocado Massage Oil

This highly nutritious blend is rich in Omega 7 and Omega 6 along with natural phytosterols to give your skin a huge, healthy boost!
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image of sunflowers for serum

Sunflower Serum

A blend of oils rich in GLA (GammaLinolenic Acid) and high in Omega 3 to tone and restore flexibity to your skin.
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image of woman with dark skin looking happy

Prickly Pear Daily Moisturising Lotion

A lightweight, hydrating lotion for all skin types, but especially beneficial for sensitive skin. Enriched with Lupine Peptides and two different forms of Geranium.
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image of massage oil with calendula oil

Before and After Sports Massage Oil

A blend of oils rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Enriched with Horse Chestnut which helps to protect athletes from sprains and muscular aches.
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