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Body Gel for Itchy Skin Recipe

Body Gel For Itchy Skin

A silky gel designed to soothe and calm itchy skin. Healing and cooling to help the skin recover and regenerate.
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Image of mature woman holding a cucumber slice over her eye

Soothing Eye Gel

A surprising elegant feeling gel packed with soothing ingredients for the delicate eye area.
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Acne Prone Skin Toner

Acne Prone Skin Toner

Effective water soluble actives combine to give a simple to use facial toner or spray that can be used throughout the day to soothe acne prone skin. Healing and antibacterial to reduce further breakouts.
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image of foot being applied antifungal foot gel

Itchy Toes Gel

A soothing water based gel for irritated skin between the toes. Featuring Aloe Vera and Rice Starch to soothe and soften along with powerfully effective Plai Essential Oil to combat the problem.
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image of a bottle containing hydrating toner

Hydrating Toner

A delightful every day toner with the benefits of Aloe Vera, Pro Vitamin B5 (D-Panthenol), Witch Hazel, Lavender and Orange Flower waters. Gentle, lifting and firming.
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image of aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera Gel

The classic Aloe Vera Gel that is very healing and can be the base of so many other gel products. On its own, it can feel drying on the skin so add up to 4% oil to feel soft and elegant.
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image for soothing skin toner

Soothing Skin Toner

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Image of lifting eye gel in a jar with cucumber slices

Lifting Eye Gel

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Image of Woman about to Apply Skin Rejuvenating Gel

Skin Rejuvenating Gel

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Image of Skin Rejuvenation Serum

Skin Rejuvenating Serum

A potent combination of regenerative active ingredients to firm and tone the skin. Should be used at least twice a day for best effect. Can be applied under a moisturiser or make up.
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Image of woman applying natural roll-on deodorant under arms

Natural Roll On Deodorant

A simple roll on, natural deodorant gel. Add the essential oils suggested for excellent results or customise it with your own blend.
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Image of Woman using Toner

Toner for Problem Skin

Toners are a great way of incorporating beneficial active ingredients into your skin care routine. This one is specifically designed to help skin that suffers from frequent breakouts.
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