Stretch Mark Oil with Shea Butter

Images of almond seed and Sweet almond oil for stretch mark oil

This Stretch Mark Oil with Shea Butter is a rich oil blend containing all natural ingredients. Oils such as Sweet Almond Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil, combined with Shea Butter, will nourish your skin and help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It's also suitable for use as a baby massage oil!

Stage 1: (heat until melted)
40% Sweet Almond Oil
30% Apricot Kernel Oil
15% Organic Shea Butter Filtered and Deodorised

Stage 2: (below 40°C)
12% Rosehip Seed Oil
2.5% Vitamin E
0.5% Lavender Essential Oil
100% Total
Heat the Stage 1 ingredients until just melted and then remove from the heat.

Cool down in a pan of cold water and when it starts to go opaque around the edges, add the Stage 2 ingredients and beat until smooth and fully incorporated. Bottle and label.  

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