Sports Massage Oil

Sports Massage Oil

This is a warming massage oil to use over the whole body.
Use whenever you need a massage before and after sport.

Specific use:

•    The Jojoba Oil gives excellent lubrication for a whole-body massage and is equally good for all skin types as it is soft on the skin and does not clog any pores.

•    Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil are used both for their very good lubrication properties and because they are especially warming to the skin. Avocado Oil is especially good for dark-skinned people for its content of natural vitamins and also for mature skin people because of its content of 10% Palmitoleic Acid.
•    Calendula and Comfrey Macerated Oils are soothing, calming and warming to the skin and work in synergy with Arnica Oil. They are classical oils to use together with Arnica oil as they help to counteract the rather harsh nature of the Arnica.

•    Arnica Macerated Oil.

•    Castor Oil in massage blends helps the oil blend to stay on the surface of the skin longer as it is very slowly absorbed by the skin. It also gives a very warm skin feeling.

•    Vitamin E Oil works as an antioxidant for the whole blend.  

Sports Massage Oil Recipe

20% Jojoba Oil
20% Coconut Oil Liquid Fractionated
20% Avocado Oil
10% Arnica Macerated Oil
10% Calendula Macerated Oil
10% Comfrey Macerated Oil
7% Castor Oil
2.5% Vitamin E Oil
0.5% Essential Oils

100% Total

Weigh out all the ingredients at room temperature, blend, then bottle and label.

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