Shea Butter Bath Bombs

Image of Shea Butter Bath Bombs with leaves

Stage 1: (room temperature)
68% Sodium Bicarbonate
22% Citric Acid
8% Shea Butter (frozen)
2% Essential Oils of your choice

Optional: add a few drops of non water-based colours of your choice

Total 100%

You will need some Witch Hazel Water when moulding the bath bombs as well as some moulds. Add dried Rose Petals or dried Lavender Flowers for decoration.

Grape Seed Oil
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Sieve the Sodium Bicarbonate and the Citric Acid into a bowl and mix thoroughly until you have a consistent texture.

Add a few drops of the colour and blend through the mixture so that it is even, with no concentrated colour areas.

Take the Shea Butter from the freezer and grate into the mixture and mix again.

Add the essential oils into the mixture. Certain oils may start the mixture to fizz, so work quickly. Do not leave the mixture to stand or it may start to set hard.

Use a little Witch Hazel Water in a plant mister and spray VERY little onto the mix. This is just enough to hold it together and allows you to take a handful and compress it. It should holds the shape of your fist like wet sand would. DO NOT get it too wet. Sprinkle some dried Rose Petals or dried Lavender Flowers into the bottom of the tray moulds. Press the Shea Bomb mix into the moulds.

Turn out gently when the top surface has dried a little. They are fragile at this point so handle very gently. Leave in a warm, dry place to harden up. Resist the temptation to handle them.

Use cellophane bags to package when they are hard or put small ones into a decorated jar as a gift idea.
Wash the moulds thoroughly after use.

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