Rejuvenation Gel For Dull and Lifeless Skin

image for rejuvenation gel for dull and lifeless skin

Stage 1: (heat up to 70°C)
10% Rice Starch
75% Orange Blossom (Neroli) Water

Stage 2: (below 40°C)
6% Acerola Fruit Glycerol Extract
3% Wu Zhu Extract
3% Pomegranate Seed Oil
1% Algaktiv Zen
1% Preservative Eco
1% Sandalwood Essential Oil
Total 100%
Add the rice starch to cold flower water and heat it up to 70°C in a double boiler. Stir whilst holding it at heat until it is fully hydrated. The Rice Starch will thicken during this cooking process to form a thick, stable gel.
Once it is hydrated, cool down to 40°C whilst stirring.
Once at 40°C, add the Stage 2 ingredients and stir to combine thoroughly. Jar and label.

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