Peel Off Body Wrap

Peel Off Body Wrap

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You need to have two people when making a body wrap. A body wrap is done in different stages on the body. This mix is enough for half the front and back of the body. It is suitable to wrap one side at a time, this means you need to make 2 - 3 mixes to cover half the body.  

Blend 100g of powder with 300ml of lukewarm water (18 - 20°C). Blend thoroughly for 1 minute till a soft paste is created.  

Apply the body wrap straight onto cleansed skin in a thick layer. Work fast. A spatula will help you spread the wrap more easily. Let the body wrap work for 15 minutes (it dries after 6 minutes).  

Loosen off the edges and carefully peel off the wrap. It slips easily away. Rub away the left over edges and carefully remove them. Rinse off and apply your usual body lotion.

Peel Off Olive Face Mask

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