Peel Off Beauty Face Mask

Peel Off Beauty Face Mask

image of a woman using peel off beauty face mask

Blend 25g of powder with 75ml of lukewarm water for approximately 1 minute until a soft paste has been created  

Apply the mask immediately in a thick layer on cleansed skin avoiding the eye area and close to the hairline. Work fast and try not to lay the mask in more than one layer on the skin.

Let the mask work for at least 10 minutes (the mask dries after approx. 6 minutes). Peel off the mask by loosening it around the edges and carefully peeling it away. It loosens easily. Rub away any left over edges and rinse off the face using warm water and a cloth.

Afterwards, apply your normal skin care products, such as creams, gels, and serums.

Peel Off Olive Face Mask

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