Natural Roll-On Deodorant

Image of woman applying natural roll-on deodorant under arms

Anti-perspirants are designed to block sweat from coming out of the body. We believe this to be unhealthy as the body is designed to sweat and it is part of a healthy elimination process. However, we do understand that sometimes people need a deodorant. This does not stop the body from sweating but it does slow down the bacterial breakdown of the sweat which is what eventually causes the bad smell.

A common material found in commercial brands is Aluminium Hydroxychloride (INCI Name: Aluminium Chlorohydrate). Its salts act as a sweat inhibitor, closing off the skin's sweat pores so the sweat is unable to come out. We don't like this and believe it is not good for our overall health.

We prefer to use Deocrystal Stone Powder instead (INCI Name: Potassium Alum). This is a natural deodorant that has a molecular size that is too large to be absorbed into the skin. It stays on the surface where it inhibits bacterial growth, thus giving a deodorant effect.

Stage 1
73% Boiling Spring Water
0.2% Konjac Glucomannan Powder

Stage 2
10% Deocrystal Stone Powder

Stage 3: (below 40°C)
8% Aloe Vera Concentrate
4% Lemon Ester
0.5% Farnesol
2.5% Castor Oil
1% Preservative 12
0.8% Essential Oils of your choice

Total 100%


Measure the water in a jug and pour into a bowl. Weigh the Konjac Glucomannan powder. Sprinkle powder over the water to cover the surface then whisk vigorously for a few seconds only. This is meant to be a very thin gel. If you whisk too long, you will get a thick gel that is no use for this product.

Crush the Deocrystal Stone Powder into the gel until it is dissolved.

Cool down to below 40°C then stir in the remaining ingredients, don't whisk. Bottle and label. Our roll on bottles work best for this deodorant. They can be found here.

The essential oils should be chosen for their deodorant qualities such as Lavender, Patchouli, Cypress and Ylang Ylang.

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