Meadowfoam Cleansing Balm

Meadowfoam Cleansing Balm

image of a jar containing meadowfoam cleansing balm

Stage 1: (heat in a double boiler until melted)
30% Meadowfoam Seed Oil
15% Olive Oil
14% Beeswax
13% Jojoba Oil
10% Castor Oil

Stage 2 (under 50°C)
16% Squalane
1% Vitamin E
1% Petitgrain Essential Oil
100% Total


  • Heat the Stage 1 (fat stage) ingredients in a double boiler until just melted and then take off the heat.
  • Start to cool the balm down, and when the temperature is below 50°C add the Stage 2 ingredients. You need to work quickly to get everything combined together. Using a spatula to mix adds a little bit of heat friction to keep the mix looser. Jar and label quickly.

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