Hand Cream to Lighten Age Spots and Stained Fingers

image of someone applying cream to lighten age spots and stained fingers on hands

Stage 1: (above 75°C)
6% Jojoba Oil
3% Thistle Oil
2% Cetearyl Alcohol
2.5% VE Emulsifier

Stage 2: (above 75°C)
4% MF Emulsifier
6% Papaya Glycerol Extract
63% Boiling Spring Water

Stage 3: (below 40°C)
5% Vitamin C
2.5% EcoSilk
2% Remodelling Intense
2% Vitamin E
1% Preservative 12
1% Essential Oils of your choice

Total 100%


Heat the Stage 1 (fat stage) materials in a stainless steel bowl on a bain marie (double boiler) to above 75°C. Add the Stage 2 (water stage) ingredients to a larger bowl and put onto a bain marie. When the temperature is above 75°C, add Stage 1 to Stage 2. Keep the temperature above 75°C and stir for 5 minutes. Take the bowl off the heat and cool to below 40°C. Mix the Stage 3 (cool stage) ingredients together and stir into the cream. Mix thoroughly. Jar and label.

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