Gentle Body Wash

Gentle Body Wash

image of gentle body wash in a bottle

Stage 1: (room temperature)
20% Beta T
10% Alpha Detergent
3% Omega Fat Restoring Agent
0.5% Guar Gum

Stage 2:
60.5% Boiling Spring Water

Stage 3: (below 40°C)
4% EcoSilk
1% Preservative Eco
1% Essential Oils of your choice

Total 100%
Grape Seed Oil
Sold out
Sold out
Sold out
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Combine the Alpha Detergent and Beta T together, they will thicken slightly.
Using the back of a teaspoon, crush the Guar Gum into the Omega Fat Restoring Agent so that it is saturated.
Slowly mix in the detergent mix ensuring that it does not go lumpy. Slowly stir in the boiling water, being careful not to make any foam.
Cool down to below 40°C and stir in the Stage 3 materials. Bottle and label.

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