Vegetable Oil Consistency

The vegetable oil I bought from you is sometimes solid and sometimes liquid, is this normal?

Yes it is. Many oils will solidify or crystallise at room temperature or cooler and as the temperature rises they will become more liquid and runny. If your oil is too thick to come out of the bottle you can simply heat up the bottle slightly and the oil will melt and pour easily. The most common oils that will solidify in a fridge or at low room temperatures are olive, jojoba, papaya seed, (all three contain high quantities of oleic acid) macadamia, moringa, sesame, neem, etc. Generally, the higher the quantities of saturated fatty acids in the oil, the more likely it is to solidify or thicken. To learn more you could purchase The Aromantic Guide to Unlocking the Powerful & Rejuvenation Benefits of Vegetable Oils.

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